Hope and Jamie are one of the sweetest, most genuine couples you'll ever meet. I was honored to capture these two and their love for each other. I wanted to share a little bit of their story from Hope's perspective.. 

"Jamie and I both grew up in the Memphis area, and it's funny to think about all of the times we may have crossed paths without knowing God's plan for us. It was't until we were both attending Union University that we met through mutual friends at a soccer game. A few more hang outs sparked a first date.

Our story honestly wasn't one of those easy romances. During the first few months we dated, we struggled through our differences quite a bit. Looking back, I think that time really helped us build a strong foundation for our relationship. We learned how to discuss issues respectfully, and we also learned that our differences complement one another very well. The things that make Jamie different from me have turned out to be some of the things I love most about him. 

Organization and planning are my forte, but he reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things as they come. I'm typically reserved, but he has never met a stranger. We've embraced our differences on dates, and have learned to love new things. I'll take him to a museum or a symphony. He'll take me kayaking or fishing. We probably love traveling together the most. Whether we are with family, friends, or on a day trip with just the two of us, we find common ground in new places. We simply love to relax and have new experiences together.

After three years, I love him most because he always wants us to pursue God first and one another second. He has a deep conviction that our relationship should be grounded in father, and I agree! I love his passion and commitment to his dreams.

He's already working hard to prepare for the marriage and family we'll build together."

See why I love them so much? Hope & Jamie are an INCREDIBLE couple, and I hope you love their session as much as I do!!